How we use our funds

How we use our funds

86.5 % Goes to the program services

8.3 % Fundraising

5.2 %  Management & General


  • Financial donations: Just $100.00 provides a box full of supplies a student in need.  

  • Corporate Product Donations: We couldn’t do what we do without generous companies that keep our shelves stocked with core supplies. 

  • In-Kind services donations: If you can contribute a service, such as marketing, printing, or shipping, let us know!  

More than 16 million kids live in extreme poverty in the U.S. and arrive on the first day of school without the supplies they need to learn.  Share your school's supply list and we will compose a box that will contain ALL your needs for each child, and shipping is FREE.    YOU choose what school you would like to provide the box to.

Early learners building the foundation for success in school.  All children deserve to grow and learn. Yet about half of young children around the world don’t have the chance to build the physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills that form the foundation for learning. Because of sponsors like you, girls and boys can have access to the early care and development they need, both at home and within their communities, so they’re ready to succeed in school and life.

Successful students learning today for a better tomorrow. Every child deserves a quality education. But more than 50 million of the world’s children each year never even set foot in a classroom. And 130 million more still can’t read after years of schooling. So with your Donation for school supplies or our monthly subscription which comes with curriculum Math, Science, Art and STEM.